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Aloha, and welcome!

Thanks for stopping by my little piece of virtual turf! Please forgive the disarray. This website is currently in store for a major overhaul, which will help make it more functional. In the meantime...

If this is your first visit to my luxurious virtual offices, please take a look at my portfolio. It contains a variety of articles, columns, technical writing and direct mail projects, and other goodies for your consideration and enjoyment. Or take a quick tour of some of the more unusual stories in my little collection:

You might also wish to check out my schedule of rates and services. Thanks so much for stopping by! Send your comments and inquiries to c@wrightforyou.com.

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P.S.: Thanks so much to my faraway friend Mike Kear in Australia for sharing a few acres of his Cyberspace ranch with me. Please be sure to visit Mike's wonderful Bluegrass Australia site at www.bluegrass.org.au.

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