Joyride Through Cyberspace By Caroline Wright

Aloha Oe
from the Internet Gazette, February 1998
I sit here surrounded by the detritis of six wonderful years in Paradise. The tag sale will take place on the seventh, movers are scheduled for the tenth, the house cleaners for the eleventh, the carpet cleaners for the twelfth, and then, on Friday, February 13th (eek!), I will leave Hawaii and find my way to Dixie, where I will make my new home.

Hawaii... so hard to stay, so hard to leave. How I love these islands! But I go to my new life with joy and a sense of adventure. I'll be closer to my family in the Adirondacks, closer to the banjos (yes, you heard me, BANJOS!) that I love so dearly, and closer to friends I haven't seen in a decade or more. I also look forward to freelancing in an economy that is friendly to small business.

Mahalo to my pal Brian Daily for his support and encouragement, to sweet Sandra Watanabe for her friendship, and to dear Winpenny for his good humour. And warmest mahalo to all of you who have read Joyride Through Cyberspace over the past year! I am grateful beyond words for your generous comments and suggestions.

I intend to continue writing this column, and Unca Brian has also agreed that I may continue being Webmistress of the Internet Gazette Online, but I must beg your patience, gentle reader, as I get settled in my new home. Please look for a full column again in March!

Aloha oe, Hawaii...

Caroline Wright, of WRIGHT FOR YOU Word Services, is a freelance writer. A former resident of Hawaii, she now lives in rural South Carolina. Feel free to e-mail your comments to Caroline at